Tips for having your very first meeting with a client

Client meetings are a crucial part of growing your business. Regardless of whether you have started your own small firm, or you are working for a big enterprise, everyone has their first client meeting at some point. With time, holding the meetings will become easier, but there are some tips that you can use in the beginning.

Using these can be very helpful, especially because the first meetings are often remembered. You certainly want to make a great first impression. Let’s look at a couple of things, that you can do to ensure that your first meeting with a client will be a success.

A meeting room booker is a helpful tool in a big company

If you are working in a big company, it is crucial to use a meeting room booker. This is because nothing is more disturbing than someone walking in the middle of your meeting. That can easily give an unprofessional look, and also it can throw you off a little bit.

Using a meeting room booker is an easy way to avoid this unpleasant situation. All of your colleagues will know that they can’t use that specific meeting room, and they can use the meeting room booker to book their own rooms.

What is the reason for the meeting?

Another important thing is to consider, what is the whole reason for this meeting. Are you trying to onboard a new client, or maybe you want to strengthen an already existing relationship. Knowing this beforehand will help you plan the meeting.

You can create a specific goal, that you are trying to reach. Try to be realistic with this goal. It is very possible, that you will not nail down a deal with a client yet. Take the goals into pieces, and the first goal can be just to make the client know your company. With time you can move closer to your biggest goal.

Don’t prolong the meeting

As we mentioned, it is very important to plan your meetings. This is crucial also because you certainly do not want your meeting to run too long. Keep the meeting structured and try to end it exactly when planned.